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NuVet Plus Dog Vitamin Review

Out of all the dog supplements and dog vitamins there is, NuVet Plus is one of the best! NuVet plus list of ingredients is nothing short of amazing. There supplement is 100% Natural, Manufactured in a Human FDA Pharmaceutical Lab... Has helped over 250,000 pets in 14 years on the market. we give NuVet Plus 110% Review

Dog Vitamin Reviews

Heres what customers are saying about nuvet plus reviews

This product, so far, has reduced my dog's tumors completely, one of which is completely gone.  The other was huge in his groin area, and a couple of weeks into taking his new “medicine”, we were telling him to “hang on”, just a few more weeks of your medicine buddy, just keep fighting.  It’s been about 6 weeks now, yesterday, was the first time he’s ran in a month.  He’s a 12 year old, brindle Pit Bull with a personality and energy of a puppy when he’s not sick.  There were tears of joy yesterday watching him run in our backyard with our other dogs (3), right alongside of them.  It was AMAZING!  He is getting little ones throughout his body, so we’re hoping a little longer and those will be dissolved as well. 

I am going to suggest your medicine to anyone and everybody with any type of physical problems with their dog.  I can’t tell you how close we were a couple of weeks ago to laying our dog to rest, because how bad this tumor was.  I know my dog has lived a long life, he deserves longer and you can tell his spirit has more to give in this life.

So I wanted to take the time to say – THANK YOU, from me and my entire family, for giving one of our family members more time on this earth.
You can bet we will be buying more and giving it to the rest of our dogs as a preventative measure!


Dog Vitamin Reviews

My 11 year old German Shepherd, Angel, was beginning to have trouble getting up and down, and developed allergies.  My groomer told me about NuVet Plus.  After several trips to the vet with pills and shots, I figured I'd give it a try. 

To my surprise, after a few weeks on NuVet she stopped scratching, her odor went away, and she is walking much better, chasing the squirrels up the tree like a puppy. She also gets up and down much easier.

Maryann Clark
New Jersey 

Dog Vitamin Reviews


"Better in only three weeks"

I own a Jack Russell Terrier named Skyler who is now 6 years old.  When Skyler was about 18 months old, I discovered she had allergies.  I was taking her to the vet almost monthly for Prednisone and Cortisone injections, and giving her Benadryl in between visits.  The allergy testing cost so much that I couldn't afford it at the time.

Then when she was 3 years old, I began working in an animal hospital.  I could now afford the allergy tests since we could do them at cost, not retail!  The results came back that she has environmental allergies to the grass in the area (we live in Florida!), to molds, dust, and about everything else outside.  She also has food allergies, mainly to potatoes and barley (try finding food without either of those two ingredients!).  So my boss suggested we start her on allergy injections.  To anyone who has not gone through these, they are not fun.
A year and a half ago in April, I was tired of the injections.  I would get her backed down to every two weeks, and then she would break out again.  They just weren't working as they should.  I now own a grooming salon and was reading about NuVet in one of my grooming magazines.  I decided to try it.  Skyler was so much better in only three weeks, it was amazing!!

In the year and a half that she has been on NuVet Plus we haven't made one trip to the vet for her allergies.  I don't even have to watch what I feed her.  She just doesn't have a problem anymore.
I even have verification that it is indeed the NuVet supplements and that she didn't just grow out of her allergies.  My son, who is 18, takes care of giving Skyler her "treats" every morning.  Unbeknownst to me, he had stopped giving them to her a couple of months ago, because she was getting an upset stomach in the morning.  About a month went by without the NuVet and I noticed her abdomen was all broken out and red.  She had scratched herself raw in some areas.  I asked my son if he was still giving her the "treats" and that's when I found out he had stopped.  I told him to start her back on them, only give them at midday instead of in the morning.  I kid you not, within four days her stomach had cleared up and she was no longer red and broken out.

I whole-heartedly approve your supplement and tell all of my clients this story.  Thank you so much!!
Carla Gentry

People have found they
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  • Dog Eating less food
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  • Dog Overall health is much better
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NuVet Dog vitamins are a great source vitamins and minerals for your dogs daily diet! Dog Vitamin Reviews


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. My daughter wants a dog and since I have never had one before I have been doing research on things like what are the best vitamins for dogs and what human foods can be harmful. I didn't even know that dogs can have allergies. Do you recommend a specific breed for new dog owners with small kids? Thanks so much for sharing, this was very helpful.

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